Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The First 15 Levels

The first 5 TP
So I reached level 15 yesterday, and went from the first five Turbine Points to over 100. So far I can only see one annoying thing about being on a F2P account. Three bags!!! I'm a hoarder and this is just terrible. Plus, with all the tasks you can do early on, I have about half a bag if not more filled with task items. So yes, I think bags will be bought soon as well (I already bookmarked them in the Store). However, one thing that my kinnies asked me, isn't an issue yet - the currency cap (though that as well, is bookmarked).

Also, the lack of a blue bar (Enhanced Experience) is not a problem either. When the game first came out, it took us much longer to get levels which is why it took me about nine months to get Wyn to level 50 (that and the fact that I was a chicken). Also, I like to do loads of quests, but it's much more fun if you get at least some kind of experience for killing mobs and doing quests and if you level too fast, that's not the case any more. Of course, right now is Welcome Back 'Weekend' so I'm getting more XP, but I'd be fine without it as well. Or so I think. We shall see.

I'm still very much doing the starter quests in Ered Luin, the Shire and Bree-land right now, but I'm already looking forward to going to the Lone-lands which I normally skip. I also did a few Anniversary Festival quests; maybe I can grab some of the housing items that way (as I already got all the maps on the Lifetime account).

Off to getting level 20 and the Undying title today, wish me luck!


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