Friday, 25 May 2012

A Big YAY for Reputation Deeds!

So I'm level 25 now and still haven't moved on from Bree. I still have to do the Southern Barrow-downs and the Bree-land rep dungeon(s).

I still remember when Haudh Iarchith was one massive dungeon for higher levels (if memory serves, late 30s and 40s), but with the introduction of Free to Play, it was split up into smaller dungeons all over the Barrow-downs. The level was also lowered significantly, so now level 20s can go and kill the Undead, Barrow-spiders, and so on. There are also quite a few deeds, e.g. the Spider Slayer deed gives one Zeal, which has become one of THE virtues to have.

I made the mistake of taking on the Barghest boss Brishzel, which was a bit too much for me with its 3,250 morale. Will have to come back when I'm a bit 'bigger' (edit: was helped by a kinnie, so boss went bye bye). However, overall the rep dungeons are brilliant as you can do quests in there to gain reputation with the Men of Bree and you get rep items as well. That, together with some really cheap items on the Auction Hall got me Kindred and a fair amount of Turbine Points.

I also found some Thorin's Gate rep items on one of my many characters and got Kindred there as well now. And the AH was my friend once more for the Mathom Society. Now, I do understand that part of this was only possible because I have a VIP account. However, making money isn't all that difficult as monster drops sell for quite a bit, and if you're on a semi-busy server, chances are that you get rep items quite cheaply on AH. Just keep checking.

I also found out something else, which struck me as somewhat odd, but I'm not going to complain. Apparently you can get rep with other factions even if you haven't unlocked the area said factions call their home. I saw some ridiculously cheap Rangers of Annuminas items and bought them, and I could actually use them! And no, I haven't unlocked Evendim yet. Handy this, isn't it?

So with the Shire and Ered Luin (except for SarnĂºr obviously) done, and only some Barrow-downs stuff to finish, it's slowly time to move eastwards. Already looking forward to more deeds and a warm shower of Turbine Points. And now that Evendim is on sale this week, things really are looking rather brightly. Wish me luck!


Edit: This doesn't work as easily any more unfortunately as rep items are now level capped (aka you have to be a certain level to use them). But it's still worth it for the TP!!!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Level 20 at last!

Considering the fact that I have no Enhanced Experience, I'd say I got there quite fast as well. I still remember the good, or not so good, olden days when especially Bree-land hadn't been revamped yet and Wyn got level 20 by going around and killing stuff...on a guardian. Also, that was before the big experience revamp which netted me about five levels or so when it hit the live servers.

So compared to Wyn, Isquarieth is pretty quick. I still have lots of Bree-land quests to do, including almost the entire Old Forest, am nowhere near done in Ered Luin and haven't even been to the Lone-lands yet. I have to say, I'm very glad Turbine decided to make the Lone-lands free to all players (I know, it's been a while) as it enables players to gather enough Turbine Points to easily be able to buy a quest pack or maybe even two (on sale that is).

310 TP and lots of deeds still to be done.
Speaking of Turbine Points, I finally reached the 300 mark, and with lots of deeds still outstanding and my intention of doing all deeds available, I might even get to 450 or more before hitting the Lone-lands. And obviously there's a few instances to check out before moving on as well (Great Barrow and the Bree-land reputation barrows). I'm currently planning to go to Evendim afterwards, and then hopefully straight to Eregion and then into the Mines which will be much better apparently come Update 7.

I know people have mixed feelings about it, but I think it's going to be great. Making the place a bit lighter is on me the changes people feel strongly about...but given the fact that the dwarves are reclaiming Moria, it kinda makes sense. I will go and get the expansion pack, as it comes with my beloved Lore-breaker class (i.e. the Rune-keeper) and two character slots.

I intend to skip Mirkwood and rather go to Enedwaith or even Dunland after, but before I will go and level a Rune-keeper to get more Turbine Points. If needed (well, it probably will be needed) I'll level another Minstrel through the three starter areas (i.e. Ered Luin, the Shire and Bree-land) and maybe rinse and repeat. Yes, I know it'll take ages, but it's a fun thing to do when I'm not levelling or raiding on my main account.

For now the goal is finishing quests and deeds and then moving on to the Lone-lands. Will hopefully manage some of it over the long weekend; yay for bank holidays. Wish me luck!