Saturday, 28 April 2012

Almost 200...

...but nowhere near 20. Yes, I almost have 200 Turbine Points now. However, due to the Festival being rather addictive, Saruman needing to be killed, and my interwebs being dead for three hours on Thursday, I'm still not level 20. Meh!

We're also finally clearing Lightning and Fire and Frost Tier 2 in Orthanc, which means I don't have all that much time to muck about on the F2P account...

However, when I do get to focus on my little project, I've to say that getting points at the moment is just ridiculously easy... I'm currently questing in the Shire, and am still getting new deeds and such, so there's more Turbine Points coming my way. I'm also getting close to completing certain class deeds, which makes me happy (as they will make it easier to kill stuffs).

As there's no raid planned for tonight, I'm hoping to get somewhere finally, unless the pull of the Festival proves too strong once again and I stay glued to Bree. Wish me luck!



  1. Hehe, good luck on the grind. Sounds like it's going to be fun tonight! xD

    *obediently listens to wish-me-luck order, of course without any sarcastic tone included* ;)

    1. *lol* Thank you muchly. New post will be up today or so as I finally reached the big 20 ;)