Monday, 31 March 2014

A new quest pack, and then some

Yup, the F2P experiment is still ongoing, only there was so much new stuffs to explore on the main account that I...well...was a bit too busy to pay too much account to F2P noob mini ;)

But as I've been playing it a bit more lately, I thought I'd update again. Or rather, I used the second character slot to roll another mini and use her as a TP generator until I cannot generate any more and she'll bite the bullet and gets deleted (only to be re-rolled again) :) Though for now Ithilielle (I know, I'm VERY inventive when it comes to my character names) is still going strong in her first incarnation and it'll be terribly hard to delete her. But it must be done. (Edit: This has now been done and Ithilielle the Second is roaming around.)

Thanks to some sales, I have been able to acquire another quest pack (Eregion), and seeing that Update 13 is just around the corner, I'm also wondering whether to get the North Downs and / or Misty Mountains. Then again, mebbe there will be a 50% off sale during the Anniversary Festival, which means I can get the Moria Expansion. That would obviously take priority over quest packs as it would give me the runie as a class and 2 extra character slots.

Buying Eregion was quite handy, btw, as it comes with two instances (aka, more deeds) and I've always been quite a fan of both the School and Library at Tham Mírdain. Even though I still have difficulties telling them apart :P Library is the one with them birdies, right? ;) Isquarieth has reached Moria now as well, so getting the expansion would really make sense from that point of view as well. I also bit the bullet and got her one of them "trait" slots (on sale of course) and the riding skill (got kinda silly to always run around on foot). Now I just wish I could unlock the swift travel options somewhere in the Store :( Makes playing through the 'bigger' areas a bit iffy. Or you just ask for a hunter's or captain's help ;)

Ithilielle is currently still finishing off in the Lone Lands, but already started on Evendim (as I was going crazy in Garth Agarwen). Understandable, right? Am tempted to scrap her once more, but then again, Evendim isn't all that bad now that it's nicely streamlined. Wish me, and Ithilielle, luck ;)


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